Makes 2lbs

Prep Time Suggested: Overnight Soak, Overnight Dry, Hands on Time 30 min


2lb Package Fresh Cranberries

6c Sugar

1Tbsp Vanilla Extract

1Tbsp Vanilla Powder (Optional)

1tsp Orange Emulsion or 1Tbsp Zest (Optional)

SUGAR SYRUP Directions:

Dissolve 3c Sugar with 3 c Water in a large saucepan on Medium-Low, stirring occasionally (do not boil). Remove from heat and add Vanilla Extract. Allow syrup to cool completely. Once cooled pour syrup over fresh cranberries, allow to soak for at least 2-3hrs. For best results refrigerate overnight.

COATING Directions:

Grind 1c granulated sugar in food processor for about 10 -15 seconds to make smaller granules. Be sure to process in short burst and only until you notice the sugar particles are fine. If you over-process you will end up with powdered sugar. Place processed sugar in lidded bowl with 2c regular granulated sugar and mix well. Working in small batches, drain cranberries with slotted spoon or fry skimmer and place in bowl with sugar mixture. Place lid on bowl and roll around until all cranberries are covered. Remove cranberries from sugar with a slotted spoon or skimmer and place on parchment paper lined sheet pan to dry. If you notice that some of the cranberries are not covered completely, you can sprinkle additional sugar on top now. Allow to dry for at least 4-6hrs before storing, overnight is best.


Should you have any sugared cranberries left over.

I prefer to store my cranberries on the counter for a couple of days. They can also be refrigerated for about 3-4 days. If you refrigerate them, pull them out on a sheet pan about 2hrs before serving to allow them to dry out. After about 3rd or 4th day, the cranberries start to lose their crunch.


You can add any flavors you like to the sugar syrup. Orange goes great with Cranberries. You can make drunken cranberries by adding Bourbon or Rum to the syrup. If you choose to use the optional Fresh Orange Zest or Vanilla Powder, add it to the sugar mixture that you roll the cranberries in. It’s best to use 2 separate slotted spoons or skimmers to move cranberries (1) from syrup to sugar and (1) from sugar to sheet pan.

Should you decide that you would rather leave the prep of Sparkling Cranberries to us, you can find us at various locations throughout November and December. See our Muscovado Bakery Facebook page weekly for locations.